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CalciFiles are used with the Universal EndoHandle.

Each pack includes 6 files in a convenient autoclavable box.


Introducing Venta Endo's New CalciFile.

The CalciFile is your best chance for negotiation and initial instrumentation of difficult or calcified canals. Its highly stiff design, minimal fluting and unique safety tip enhance patency, tactile feel, and apical movement.  CalciFiles are an Endodontic file with a contra-angle placed in the shaft of the file.  The CalciFile fits the unique locking chamber of The Universal EndoHandle. Combining the CalciFile with the access and leverage of the EndoHandle is perfect for tough cases that would normally bend other file types.  

 * Files are modified and repackaged for sale by Venta Endo.  


  • gentle pecking action teases this file carefully down the canal.
  • stiffer file doesn't buckle when it meets resistance
  • super small size file diameter (.08mm at the tip) can usually negotiate even the smallest canal
  • special designed flutes let the file slip through the canal without getting hung-up or snagged on the canal wall.