Story behind Venta Endo

    Dr. Steven S. Larsen D.D.S., M.S, observed that when using standard endodontic files he was having a hard time finding the canals with his fingers in the way, especially in patients with limited opening.  He also experienced hand fatigue when using hand files to their fullest capacity.  He looked a better solution.

    The initial routine of endodontics begins with finding the canal, filing enough to create a smooth tissue free canal, and opening up the orifice to create a great Glide Path before even thinking about rotary file instrumentation.  

     Dr. Larsen knew it would be helpful if the endodontic file could be manipulated and controlled like most other dental instruments, in a pen-grasp-grip.  It took some time and imagination to develop a way to attach the endodontic file to a long handle. 

    Finally, after some trial and error, the unique locking chamber designed to fit the small handle of the standard endodontic file was developed.  A tight attachment was necessary because strong forces would be used in preparing the canal.  The file needed to be securely attached to the handle.  

     With a contra-angle bend placed in the shank of the file, the access problem was solved.  This gave the file the right angle to access the pulp chamber and find a small orifice.   Better file  control allows easy canal negotiation and exploration to the apex.

    The file could be worked in a "straight-line" movement up and down the canal without hand fatigue.  This new handle on the file made things a lot easier, and the file worked like it 'knew what it was doing' and it turned out great.  He started every case with the EndoHandle and many other endodontists and dentists do also.  

     Dr. Larsen enjoys teaching others how to use innovative products and techniques in endodontics.  The Venta Endo company was formed to help share Dr. Larsen's patented EndoHandle and his new RoTAC Rotary File Grip for manual control of rotary files for safer preparations in difficult canal anatomy.

     While practicing full time, he also enjoyed being an assistant professor at the University of Utah School of Dentistry. 

Today, Dr. Larsen continues to enjoy teaching endodontics, while this little family business continues to grow.

  Thanks for trying out these simply and efficient products.  They help overcome some of the common problems of endodontics.