About us

      As a practicing Endodontist Dr. Steven S. Larsen D.D.S., M.S, found that when using endodontic files he was having a hard time seeing the canals with his fingers in the way, and also experienced fatigue when filing each case. The initial routine of endo is finding the canal, filing enough to open up the orifice and create a great Glide Path before even thinking about rotary file instrumentation.  He wanted a better solution.

     Dr. Larsen thought it would be an advantage if the endodontic file could be manipulated and controlled like other dental instruments in a pen-grasp-grip.  How to attach a file to a long handle took some imagination.  With some trial and error a unique locking chamber that fit the small handle of the standard endodontic file was devised.  It had to be a tight attachment because strong forces would be used when filing the surfaces of the canals.  The file needed to be securely attached to the handle.  

     A contra-angle bend was placed in the shaft of the file.  The access problem was solved.  This gave the file access and the right angle to reach into the tooth to find the orifice and extend down the canals.  The file could be worked in a "straight-line" movement up and down the canal without hand fatigue. A new grip on the file made things a lot easier, and the file worked like it knew what it was doing, GREAT.  He starts every case with the EndoHandle and has been for over 12 years.  

     Dr. Larsen enjoys teaching others how to achieve a safe and easy start to their endodontic treatments. The Venta Endo Company promotes Dr. Larsen's EndoHandle. He is still currently practicing full time and is an assistant professor at the University of Utah School of Dentistry. He can be reached at logandental@gmail.com

Thanks for practicing with this simply amazing product.