Who’s using the EndoHandle

"I have been doing root canals since I graduated in 1975. I think the long Venta EndoHandle is a great idea and couldn't believe it took so long to get here. I have used for years, cotton pliers to grip a 06 or 08 hand file to locate and path file before starting rotary hand instruments. Using loops requires getting my big fingers out of the way but cotton pliers don't hold reliably so when I saw your product I knew you hand a great idea. It worked as expected only better!!  I've tried your fixed handle on an upper second molar on a sixty five year old and it was so nice to use. My cotton plier holder was workable but the EndoHandle allowed better control, better vision, faster action, great tactile feeling and I loved it.  Thanks for you creativity!"

-John W Adams DDS, Salina Kansas


“Wonderfully designed. Access improvement was wonderful. Very elegant and useful.”

-Dr. Stephen M. Benjamin, University of Texas at Houston


“I use it with a microscope, everyday.”

-Dr. Brian T. Wycall, University of Maryland


“Great for use with upper 2nd molars with limited openings.”

-Dr. Peter Chen, Harvard School of Dental Medicine


“Adds excellent control to hand files. A valuable addition since it allows much easier access in patients who have limited opening or distal mesial angulations to canal.”

-Dr. Justin Atkinson, University of Texas at Houston


”Great for calcified canals.”

-Dr. Aaron Thompson, UNC


“It is very useful under the microscope. Your fingers are not in the way.”

-Dr. Erik R. Menegazzo


“Loved it. Great accessibility and visibility. File handle in shaft better for clearance and access.”

-Dr. Paul Weller, University of Texas at Houston


“Seems very useful for locating small canal orifices.”

-Dr. Andrew Monetary, University of Toronto


“Limited opening cases are easier now.”

-Dr. Jeremy Young, Harvard School of Dental Medicine


“Great for use with the microscope.”

-Dr. Cameron Russell, St. Louis University


“One of the most innovative endo Products in the past year.”

-Dr. Robert Salehrabi, University of Southern California


“Makes life easier.”

-Dr. Sharon Ferber, Harvard School of Dental Medicine


“…a cool system, I really appreciate the sequential order of this method.”

-Dr. Scott Larsen, Rafter J Dental, Jackson, WY