The hardest part of endo is now an easy task.  

  • There is no guess work when FINDING even the smallest orifice.  The whole pulp chamber is in full view with your fingers out of the way.  
  • Negotiating the canal is with sensitive tactile control and creating a smooooth path to the apex is done with the simplest file movement we use  - straight-line, up/down filing without hand or finger fatigue.
  • Pre-flaring the canal and tissue removal is quickly accomplished with the use of the #15 or #25 Hedstom file.  Hedstrom files aggressively cut dentin and scrap debris out of the canal with every stroke. Clinician’s love the way Hedstom files work in the EndoHandle.  They are powerful and efficient. 

After using the EndoHandle the canal is ready for safe rotary filing or easy enlargement with additional hand files.