Simplify Root Canal Preparation

Rethink Your Hand Files with the EndoHandle

Simplify Root Canal Preparation 

General dentists and endodontists are telling us the most difficult and time consuming part of the endodontic procedure is starting the  root canal preparation.  This includes finding all canals, negotiating to the terminus, and creating a smooth glide path for rotary file safety. Venta Endo has a simple and effective solution for this tedious task of beginning root canal preparation. By rethinking the way you hold and manipulate the initial file you change a difficult task into an easy one with the Endohandle.

Steps to Simplify

First, don't change the way you access the pulp chamber. Continue as you normally do to debride the pulp chamber and locate the canal orifices. After access preparation place any small #6 or #8 endodontic file into the unique locking chamber of the EndoHandle. This new pen grasp grip on the file keeps your fingers out of the way.  It gives you more control and allows you a clear microscopic view of the orifice to easily find the canal. Once you have located the canal simply keep filing. The EndoHandle's tactile sensitivity allows you to control the file and penetrate tortuous canals to the terminus. Within 30 to 60 seconds of basic up/down filing the EndoHandle produces a smooth, tissue free glide path for safe rotary instrumentation. This simple technique completely eliminates the difficult and frustrating part of beginning root canal preparation.

Solving Calcified Canals

Another common frustration in endodontics is calcified canals. Venta Endo’s new CalciFile, used exclusively in the EndoHandle, is specifically designed for these tight spaces. The CalciFile is approximately four times stiffer than a standard #6 K-Type file. This allows for greater vertical pressure to be used without file buckling. Unlike standard K-type files, the CalciFile has a smooth non-cutting surface with a gentle curved flute. This permits the file to slide down the canal without snagging on rough canal walls. The new CalciFile design directs all vertical filing forces to the tip of the file to help penetrate calcified canals.

A university study was recently completed on the CalciFile’s ability to reach canal patency in combination with a #6 K-Type file. Over 100 canals in 55 multi-rooted extracted teeth from the endodontic pre-clinic were used. The CalciFile obtained 76% canal patency with less than 15 seconds of filing.  When the CalciFile was used in combination with the #6 K-Type file, 91% of the canals obtained patency. Results show that the CalciFile's unique design establishes patency in less time and with less effort. 

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