Rethink your Hand Files

The #10K File Starts more canal preparations than any other file.

Now there is more than one way to hold the endodontic file...
Tedious and tiring "hand filing" OR Effortless "EndoHandle filing"

Change the grip on the file and it will do more than you ever thought possible.

The Universal EndoHandle gives your favorite files a familiar pen grasp grip. Simply place a hand file into the locking chamber and give it a quick twist. Holding your file better helps you find canals faster and file easier, creating a smooth tissue free, clear, pre-flared glide path to the apex in less than 2 minutes. This is an excellent start for any root canal preparation.

EndoHandle filing is becoming the standard way to begin root canal preparation. Its's the most efficient way to prepare the canal for safe rotary instrumentation.

"Fatigue makes cowards of us all" - General Patton

Initial file manipulation with a two finger grip on the file is very difficult and fatiguing. Yet, if there is enough time spent with this filing movement, a rough canal becomes smooth, pulp tissue dissolves and is lifted out of the canal. But as you know, this ONLY works if you have lots of extra time and your hands don't tire and give up first.

Solution = The Universal Endohandle

No more slow, tedious and tired fingers when starting an Endo case with the Universal EndoHandle.

Easy Start - Fast Prep - Successful Finish

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