Disposable EndoHandle System
Disposable EndoHandle System
Endodontic hand files
Endodontic file on a handle

Disposable EndoHandle System

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EndoHandle's Pre-Rotary System

The EndoHandle System is a "Quick Start" to any root canal. These ergonomic files create a Clean, Clear, Smooth, Straight Line Access and Glide Path in less time than conventional hand filing, preparing the canal for safe unstressed rotary filing.


The EndoHandle System is made of durable plastic and comes with the files permanently attached.  It is autoclavable for multiple uses but we recommend one time use to guarantee a very sharp file. This ready to use system will make your dreaded hand filing prep work easy and more effective, it also simplifies your clean up as well as set up. 


Filing with The EndoHandle

 Opening up the canal and tissue debridement is done with the simple and effective Circumferential Linear Filing technique, a straight-line/up-down filing motion done sequentially around the periphery of the canal. The file is placed in the canal and withdrawn in a directional manner against each side of the canal wall.  No rotation, just safe straight-line filing to sculpt and clean the walls of the canal. The leverage of filing with the EndoHandle is at least five times more effective than traditional two-finger filing.
The #10 K-Type File finds the orifice and creates a smooth path.  The #15 and #25 Hedstrom files clear out tissue, Pre-flare the canal and create a "Straight Line Access" preparation.  This is great Pre-Rotary Preparation to let rotary files have a smooth glide path to shape the canal. 


 System includes-  2 of the following:
  • #10 K File: Finds, Negotiates, Smooths, Open Patent Canal to the Apex
  • #15 Hedstrom File: Opens Orifice, Removes Cervical Restrictive Dentin, Pre-Flares Coronal Canal
  • #25 Hedstrom File: Removes Pulp Tissue, Agitates Irrigation Solution, Disinfects Canal, Removes Smear Layer, Blend and Tapers
80% of all Root Canal Treatments can be started, prepared and ready for safe rotary with the EndoHandle System.
Comes with two complete EndoHandle Pre-Rotary Systems (6 EndoHandles)


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