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Why do I need the EndoHandle?

Better grip on the file, No guess work locating small canals, effortless filing to create open patent canal, creates a smooth glide path for safe rotary filing.

What is the difference between the EndoHandle System and the Universal EndoHandle?


Does the File Rotate? Can you watch wind?

No, there is no rotation of the file. There is also no breakage of the file. The stresses on the shank of the file in a linear filing motion do not exceed the limit to where breakage or separation will occur. Safe linear filing sculptures the walls and prepares a perfect path from orifice to apex.

What is Linear Filing?

Linear Filing is simply the file motion against the canal wall in a straight-line action. It has been described in terms like "Push-Pull", "Up-Down" or "Circumferential Filing" motion. Linear Filing is drawing the file out of the canal with the cutting flutes of the file directed against the canal wall. No rotation, just safe straight-line file motion sculpting the outside canal walls. The leverage of the EndoHandle is at least 5 times more effective than two-finger filing.

How do I access tight calcified canals without rotating the file?

"Up/down" filing in a Linear fashion, gently teasing the file down the canal with a "pecking motion" is great for those tight calcified canals. A "C" file, known for its stiffness, used in the EndoHandle works even better. Once accessed the leverage of the EndoHandle makes your file cut more efficiently, Creating a quick, clean glide path. Go to our "How to Video Library" and check out "C-Files and the EndoHandle"

Can the EndoHandle be used as an explorer?

Yes, the most popular size for exploring small canals is the #10K-Type MicroFile. It not only finds the canal orifice but is small enough to negotiate the canal and begin preparation. More MB2's are found with these small sharp instruments than the larger tips of the ordinary endodontic explorer.

Is EndoHandle Filing more efficient then hand filing?

Perhaps 5 times more efficient. #1 reason is the increased leverage of the file against the canal wall with EndoHandle filing. #2 reason is less hand fatigue with the EndoHandle. Inadequate filing can produce a less than desirable glide path for enlarging instrumentation. #3 reason is the filing is a continuous process, it does not stop for finger adjustments every 6-8 seconds. #4 reason is lubricate on the handle does not stop the filing process like it does with two-finger filing.

Is the EndoHandle autoclavable?

Yes, it can be autoclaved. The EndoHandle System is recommended to autoclave only 1-2 times, because it will best preform when it is sharp and accurate making one time use your best option. This will also simplify your clean up as well as set up.  The Universal EndoHandle is made of anodized aluminum making this a lifetime autoclavable product. 

What comes in the EndoHandle system?

The EndoHandle system comes with three EndoHandles. A K-Type #10, finds, negotiates, smooths, opens orifice, and produces a patent canal. A Hedstrom #15, increases the orifice opening, removes cervical restrictive triangular dentin, pre-flares coronal canal. And a Hedstrom #25, removes pulp tissue, agitates irrigation solution, disinfects canal, blends and tapers the canal.

Are the EndoHandles one time use?

The EndoHandle System can be used more than once but for a more sharp and accurate tool it is best for one time use. This also simplifies clean up and set up and guarantees your best instruments are always ready to go. The Universal EndoHandle is a lifetime product it is made of Anodized Aluminum, autoclavable, and you replace the files instead of the entire EndoHandle. 

What is the Universal EndoHandle?

This system is commonly used by Endodontists when treating more difficult cases, such as Retreatments and very calcified canals, where additional files are needed. The Universal EndoHandle is made of anodized aluminum and is autoclavable. The files are not permanently attached and require the user to undo a locking chamber and change the file as needed. It does not include the simplicity of the original EndoHandle.

Universal EndoHandle: How is the file attached to the Universal EndoHandle?

Simply place a disposable, pre-bent endodontic file (MicroFile) in the unique locking chamber. A quick twist of the long handle firmly secures the file to the EndoHandle.

Universal EndoHandle: Does any size of file fit in any Universal EndoHandle?

Yes, most all Endodontic hand files will fit in the Universal EndoHandle. The Universal EndoHandles are all the same size they are just color-coded so you can match the file size to the color of handle if you choose. This can allow you to know which size of file you have by the color of handle.

Universal EndoHandle: What is the advantage of purchasing MicroFiles for the Universal EndoHandle?

Our files come “pre-bent”. This gives you an accurate contra-angle while still keeping your working length.