RoTAC  -Rotary FileGrips
RoTAC  -Rotary FileGrips

RoTAC -Rotary FileGrips

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Reduce Rotary Broken Files

Switch to Manual Control of the File Avoid the Hassle of Broken File Retrieval

RoTAC Rotary FileGrips  enable the clinician to use rotary files in a manual "Balanced Force Concept" or watch-winding file movement.

Sudden Motor File Separation will not happen with Doctor Controlled Tapered Rotary File Instrumentation. This Products PREVENTS MOTOR FILE SEPARATION.

See how RoTAC works. Switch from MOTOR control to MANUAL control for Safe Rotary instrumentation.


  • "Slip-on" RoTAC Big Soft rotary file Grips
  • Sensitive two finger file control
  • Cuts and carves the perfect tapered shape
  • Simple Watch-Wind  or  'Balance Force'  filing
  • Autoclavable for multiple uses

RoTAC FileGrips with True ROtary TACtile Sensitivity puts you in control.   With  immediate feedback, over-stressing the file just doesn't happen.  

Easy Preparation-RoTAC Rotary File Grips.

RoTAC Rotary FileGrips were developed by Dr. Steven S. Larsen and a team of endodontists and engineers.

Patented Made in USA 

6 colors for easy file size identification. 

Fits any rotary file.

 Autoclavable for multiple use. Big Savings! 

See more details on 'Balance Force Technique'.