Start every canal with the HANDLE

Single endoHANDLE - Color Purple same color as your #10 File; Comfortable Control; Efficient Initial Canal Management; sample pack of MicroFiles included.

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Your #10 Hand File starts most canals preparations. 

The HANDLE revitalizes your #10 File. Start every canal EFFORTLESSLY.   Your #10 File has never worked so productively. 


 Other Benefits and Features

  • Invented by Practicing Endodontist and Educator, Steven S. Larsen DDS, MS

  • Easy Access for Patients with Limited Opening

  • Pin-Point Accuracy Locating the Smallest Canals

  • No Finger Fatigue compared to the usual 2-Finger-Pinch Grip

  • Powerful Leveraged Filing and No File Separations

  • Precision Designed Unique Locking Chamber

  • Patented and Made in the USA

  • Autoclavable; Lasts for Years


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