Consider 'Back to the Future' Root Canal Preparation with Dr. James Roane's 'Balance Force Technique' and NiTi Triangular Designed Rotary Files



Are you completely comfortable with engine-driven motor rotary instrumentation?  Not sure which torque or RPM setting is best for each file?

Did you know  the most efficient hand filing method in the world (Dr. James Roane' 'Balance Force Concept' ) can be used with sharp triangular rotary files to produce excellent root canal preparations with more control and safety than engine-driven motor rotary files?

Dr. Steven S. Larsen, DDS, MS Practicing Endodontists and Assistant Endodontic Professor explains this new approach to rotary tapered root canal preparation.  When you are in control of the rotary file you can create excellent preparations with efficiency and safety.

Consider 'Back to the Future' Root Canal Preparation with  Dr. James Roane's Balance Force Technique and NiTi Triangular Designed Rotary Files

In 1985, Dr. James Roane introduced the 'Balance Force Concept' using a K-File with a modified tip.  A decade later, tapered NiTi files came on the market along with the engine-driven motors to rotate the newly introduced files.  Many design changes to the rotary file and many motor variations have occurred since then. Too many to count.

Consider a new "Back to the Future" Technique of the Balance Force Concept. We will use the same triangular cross section file design that Dr. Roane said, "was the most effective".  That's because it cuts dentin in both directions, clockwise and counter clockwise.  But as we go 'Back to the Future', I would like to use today's tapered NiTi triangular designed files with the same 'Balance Force' technique developed back in 1985.

What will happen?  Can root canal preparation with NiTi tapered files be moved and manipulated by hand in the same sequence as the original 'Balance Force Technique'? 

Can a motor move the file in a 'Balance Force' manner with the same sensitivity and control as Dr. Roane did by hand?  I think not.  

After exhaustive experiments with hand manipulation of the tapered triangular NiTi file in preparing conservative tapered root canal preparations, the results are remarkable.  The efficiency of Dr. Roane's 'Balance Force Technique' is totally comparable to motor  rotary instrumentation but without the side effects of file over torque stress complications.

Because root canal preparation in the 'Balance Force' manner is so efficient and safe, a universal rotary file hand grip was developed to slip-on a rotary file.  This BIG SOFT comfortable hand grip gives the operator complete control of the rotary file.  


There are other 'rotary file hand grips' on the market, but all of them fail to give the quality needed for this technique.  Dr. Steven S. Larsen, DDS, MS and a team of endodontists and engineers have patented and developed 'RoTAC', an affordable slip-on rotary file grip that exceeded their expectations. 

'Back to the Future'.  Back to a proven hand filing technique using todays rotary tapered files.  When we use the best of the past filing movement with the future's best instruments the result is proven and efficient.  


 The following are good file selections for this technique:                                                       Brassler Endo Sequence File,  Dentsply Vortex File,  Kerr TF File or other comparable files.

Use your good judgement, but this sample file sequence has been effective in dental school clinics.


"Click for a detailed explanation of Dr. Roane's 'Balance Force Concept'


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