Quick Glide Path Prep for NO File Separtion

The EndoHandle Pre-Rotary System contains three of the most efficient files of initial preparation.

4 out of 5 Endodontist using the EndoHandle System make it their daily routine of endo preparation. They like its simple, quick way of creating a smooth Glide Path for rotary files to safely follow.


The Purple EndoHandle is a #10 K File.

A #10 K file is the #1 ”First File” used by dentists in starting root canal preparation. Using the #10 file on the EndoHandle accomplishes much more than the conventional two-finger grip control is capable of.


  • No guess work to find the canal orifice with the EndoHandle
  • Effortless continual filing eliminates the hand fatigue of initial filing
  • After only 20-30 seconds the canal is smooth as silk.

The White EndoHandle is a #15 Hedstrom File.

This highly efficient file cuts dentine and removes debris when the file is withdrawn from the canal. Hedstrom files and the EndoHandle are a perfect match. The EndoHandle gives you much needed leverage and control of the file, not obtainable with a two finger grip on the file. Using the EndoHandle against the canal wall, removes pulp tissue fast and efficiently. It cuts dentine and removes any interfering coronal dentine to complete a beautiful coronal “Pre-Flare” preparation.

  • Circumferential Filing pattern with the #15 Hedstorm file is pulp debridement at its best
  • Orifice enlargement naturally occurs
  • Coronal preparation burs can easily achieve coronal preparation (Gates Glidden Burs / Orifice Opener Burs)

The Red EndoHandle is a #25 Hedstrom file.

Like its previous counter part, the Red Color EndoHandle is very efficient in removing debris and cutting dentine to smooth and blend a gentle taper to the canal.

  • Used mostly in larger canals (Distal roots of Mandibular Molars, Palatal roots of Maxillary Molars, Pre-Molars with larger canals)
  • This file is used in sequence with the previous file to continue debridement
  • Blends the mid-root with the coronal portion to form a blended taper to the canal

The EndoHandle System : A sequence of 3 Files for a simplified start to your Endo routine.


  • Glide Path Preparation
  • Pulpal Debridement
  • Pre-Flare Preparation
  • Safe Pre-Rotary Preparation

Check out our Step by Step Tutorial


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