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Where would Rotary Files “Be” without a Glide Path?


Endodontic clinicians tell us that every rotary file that breaks off in a patients tooth could have been prevented.
It is shown that the #1 cause of file breakage, an inadequate Glide Path, could take only about one minute to prepare. A better Glide Path prevents rotary file breakage from the two main reasons of file separation.
Rotary files need a path to follow and a space to spin.
“Root Canal Starts by Hand” -Dr. Charles Goodis (EdgeEndo)
“Glidepath the secret to Rotary Safety” -Dr. John West
“An Excellent Glide Path, the Road to Smoother Endodontics” -Dr. Richard Mounce
We're not saying there is only one way to create a Glide Path. We're saying there is a different way, a very good way, to create an EXCELLENT Glide Path.
The EndoHandle's Non-Rotary
filing technique creates a path to follow and a space for the Rotary file to spin. It does this by removing initial obstructions and obstacles, leaving the canal smooth and debris free, with the orifice enlarged and a gentle tapered canal for safe rotary instrumentation to follow.
This is accomplished WITH
-No Hand filing fatigue
-Clear Visual & Easy Access
-Improved Leverage & Control
It takes only 2 minutes to create a Pre-rotarty preparation to avoid file separation.
That's 2 minutes to avoid
- Hours of frustrating retrieval
-Embarrassment of explaining it to your patient
-Regret of knowing it could have been prevented
Take 2 minutes to prepare a Glide path for Safe Rotary
It is time well spent!

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